The broader 3MK project aims to develop a multiple evidence base methodology combining systematic review approaches with documentation of Indigenous and local knowledge and to apply this approach in a study of the impacts of metal mining and impacts of mitigation measures. This systematic map aims to answer the question:

What research evidence exists on the impacts of metal mining and its mitigation measures on social and environmental systems in Arctic and boreal regions?

Project Collaborators

Neal R. Haddaway – Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

Steven J. Cooke – Carleton University, Canada

Pamela Lesser – University of Lapland, Finland

Biljana Macura – Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

Annika E. Nilsson – Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

Jessica J. Taylor – Carleton University, Canada

Kaisa Raito – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Christopher Andrews – Carleton University, Canada

Advisory Team: Dag Avango, Steven Cooke, Sif Johansson, Rebecca Lawrence, Pamela Lesser, Björn Öhlander, Kaisa Raito, Rebecca Rees, and Maria Tengö

Project status – Ongoing

We are still in the process of collecting literature for this project. If you have any relevant materials please get in touch with the CEBC contact below.

CEBC Contact –