The objective of this systematic review was to clarify, from existing literature, how fish abundance and biomass are impacted by alterations or changes of flow magnitude due to hydroelectric power production (or related operations) to better inform decisions in water resource and fisheries management downstream of these facilities.

Project Collaborators

Meagan Harper – Carleton University, Canada

Trina Rytwinski – Carleton University, Canada

Jessica J. Taylor –  Carleton University, Canada

Joseph R. Bennett  – Carleton University, Canada

Steven J. Cooke – Carleton University, Canada

Karen E. Smokorowski – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Keith Clarke – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Tom Pratt – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Neil Fisher – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada

Alf Leake – BC Hydro, Canada

Julian Olden – University of Washington, United States of America

Daniel Boisclair – Université de Montréal, Canada

Project status – Complete

CEBC Contact – meaganharper@cmail.carleton