The objective of the systematic review was to evaluate the existing literature base to assess the effectiveness of different non-native fish removal methods, and to identify the factors that influence the overall success rate of each type of method, in order to better inform management agencies who routinely have to decide when, where and how non-native fish eradication programs should be implemented. The review also aimed to identify knowledge gaps and suggest areas for new research.

Project Collaborators

Trina Rytwinski – Carleton University, Canada

Jessica J. Taylor – Carleton University, Canada

Lisa A. Donaldson – Carleton University, Canada

Steven J. Cooke – Carleton University, Canda

David R. Browne – Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canada

Robert E. Gresswell – U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Mark Lintermans – University of Canberra, Austraila

Robert Britton – Bournemouth University, United Kingdom 

Kent A Prior – Parks Canada, Canada

Marlow G. Pellatt – Parks Canada, Canada

Chantal Vis – Parks Canada, Canada

Parks Canada (Steering Committee) – Mark Taylor, Bill Hunt, Garry Scrimgeour, Scott Parker, Chris McCarthy, and Shelley Humphries

Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Lab Members – Kim Birnie-Gauvin and Petra Szekeres

Project status – Complete

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