The objective of this systematic map is to provide a collated summary of the existing body of literature addressing the effectiveness of interventions implemented to directly protect wildlife from illegal harming whether by harvest as a resource or control/persecution reasons, detect and sanction rule-breakers, and interdict and control illegal wildlife commodities (i.e., counter-wildlife crime interventions). Staff from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the CEBC collaborated to develop this question in the context of the wild plant and animal species targeted by the agency’s international grant programs and law enforcement activities. The ultimate goal is to better understand and help build the evidence base that supports grant-making programs and decisions, and to shed light on a topic of increasing policy relevance and attention. This question is also of broader relevance as governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide with a focus on nature conservation routinely make decisions about investment of limited resources with goals of having maximal conservation benefit.

Project Collaborators

Trina Rytwinski – Carleton University, Canada

Siri Öckerman – Carleton University, Canada

Jessica Taylor – Carleton University, Canada

Joe Bennett – Carleton University, Canada

Steve Cooke – Carleton University, Canada

Adrienne Smith – Carleton University, Canada

Jessica Reid – Carleton University, Canada        

Caitlyn Proctor – Carleton University, Canada        

Matt Muir – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States of America

Jennie Miller – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service & George Mason University, United States of America

Amy Pokempner – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States of America

Heather Slaughter – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Law Enforcement, United States of America

Meredith Gore – University of Maryland, United States of America

Emma Stokes – Wildlife Conservation Society (Central Africa), Gabon

Inés Arroyo Quiroz – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México         

Stephen Pires – Florida International University, United States of America

Dwi Adhiasto – Wildlife Conservation Society (Indonesia), Indonesia

Wai Yee Lam – Panthera, Malaysia 

Robert Pickles – Panthera, Malaysia  

Andrew Lemieux – Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, Netherlands

Project status – In progress

We are still in the process of collecting literature for this project. If you have any relevant materials please get in touch with the CEBC contact below.